i'll be in my mind palace

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i think i'm going to make blogging a weekly thing, to try to be a little more even...

before you read this, watch this -


well, i'm back from london! i actually got back a few days ago, since i only went for a day. oh well. nothing too exciting really, i went on the train but there were no seats so i stood up the whole time. i was luckily able to get a seat on the way back, though. i didn't go to 221b bakers street, because i actually found out they don't shoot sherlock on the actual bakers street, and what would've i of done there anyway other than just be glad i'm at 221b, take a picture and leave again. but it's still on my bucket list.
but.... other than that, i went to the biggest bookstore in the uk, where i got yet another john green book. i actually got lost in the store, but i had the right to it was like 4 stories high and like a maze. i also found a japanese store with was just heaven, i didn't want to leave. i never want to leave a good store. never.
and then i went to several other places. like forbidden planet, which is like the best place ever for whovians and nerdy geek people, like myself. there was a wall of doctor who stuff, buut, only two sherlock items, and that was a cluedo sherlock edition and the casebook, which i bought, duhh. even though i did feel like the only female in the store.
but other then, that, it was a pretty normal trip.

i'm also currently emptying, cleaning and redesigning my room, myself and at the moment i'm literally sat in a pile of... stuff. it's kind of convenient, but something tells me i won't get these piles cleaned and sorted by the end of summer, knowing my not so good at getting things done self.

finally, (you're probably reading this right now about to complain on how personal this blog post is) i found a doctor who poster which i've had lurking in my cupboards for 2 years, and i only just found it now. see? bad at finding things and getting things done.

ok, that's it. boring blog post, again. but byee.

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  1. Tasslehoff's Avatar
    (laughing about the vid even if I don't like Marina and never watched Sherlock )

    And woahwoahwoah, a four-story book store?
    When can I move in?

    By the way, what's London like? I've always wondered.