Deeply Annoyed

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Ok I need to vent.
I love Spotify. Despite the lack of more Imagine Dragons, it's a good music listening thing.

But I'm like seriously mad at them right now. Remeber me talking about American Authors and how fabulous these guys are?
Yea well Spotify took their album, 'Anthropology' off of itself.
what what what what what NO

The worst part is I can't even find the Full Album on Youtube. I don't want to listen to single songs. That's dumb.
It's like impossible to find these guys on Youtube as it is.

Even looking up their old band name, The Blue Pages, isn't helping me at all.

UGHGFDSDFGHKLJHGDSSGHJKLKJFDSAFGHKJHGFDSSKLKHGF Spotify, if you do not get this album back, I will eat a watermelon whole.

Here's one of their more 'Popular' songs. Oh, yea, they still have this one and Best Day of My Life but I don't want to listen to those.

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