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I have a flawed train of logic. I have a massive pile of overdue work to do, but instead of doing it, I decide to write a blog post ranting about how many things I have on my plate.

Sounds logical.

School started on the 17th of July for me, a lot earlier than most people. Unfortunately, I am still in "summer vacation mode." My mind us unable to concentrate, thus rendering it difficult to do work.

I am also extremely lazy.

Since school started, I have done nothing. I have ten chapters of history notes to do, two English papers, the Civics assignment. The list goes on. All that work combined looks very intimidating. I am very much aware that it will only get worse. Yet I still rot around in idleness.

On top of the pile of homework I have to catch up on, I have even more things on my list. A list that is lying somewhere in corner collecting dust.

I still need to take my driving test, but have been too lazy to read the handbook. They say that the only test that slackers pass is the driving test. Evidently, my level of slack surpasses that of an average slacker.

I also need to finish the rest of Chasing Shadows. For the short story assignment last year, I turned in two chapters of Chasing Shadows since I was too lazy to write another story.

Now my English teacher wants to see the rest of it. I have him for another year of English.

That teacher has vowed to fail me if neglect to turn in the rest of my story by the end of the semester.

My summer job contract also terminated at the beginning of August. This means that I have to go job hunting again.

They say you get busier as you reach adulthood or college. I am still in high school, yet I am drowning in work.

I must devise a method to rid myself of this chronic procrastination.

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    Kid you got it easy