is this normal?

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k, something scary happened last night. i had a dream i went back to school, i distinctly remember walking into my english classroom. and mysteriously, i don't know if you saw the countries quiz in off-topic, but i named a country which i didn't name when i was doing the quiz, and answered it in an english lesson, so that's strange.
but it gets weirder.
benedict cumberbatch was there.
i'm seriously confused on how sane i am.

and i also notice the sidebar of the blog has changed >>>>>>
looks awesome and matches so much better ^^

and i don't know if you saw the cnc thread a posted, but here's a [failed] sherlock sketch -

woah, that really did work. yay for derpy sherlock.

and this -
Name:  sherlockchibi2_1.png
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was literally like a 30 minute doodle, but i wanted to catch up on my chibi style. looks so much like alurarb's style .-.
and the blush is too light.

and i've started playing wizard101 again (woohoo!)! i've been distracted by drawing, school work, friends and even central too much to play, and not to mention i don't have any sub or areas, so i'm just free to play. but i might renew my sub soon, though. i'll leave some tfc if anybody wants to be friends ^^

and, i also went into town with my dad and brother yesterday, mainly to look at a gallery, and as lovely as art is, wasn't my taste. but i did buy a paramore album and the imagine dragons album, i've already listened to all of both

i was actually there to find an owl city album, but they were out of stock so i got these two instead.


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  1. Dots's Avatar
    Weird dreams are pretty normal, I think (:
    but I dream about killing people frequently which makes sleeping unlpleasant, so I might have a biased opinion on what a "normal" dream is
  2. Adder's Avatar
    i always have dreams about stairs.
    apparently it's supposed to mean physiological development but who knows.

    and praise the lawds the blue sidebar is finally gone. it looks so much better.
  3. Tasslehoff's Avatar
    Imaginre Dragons aaaah <3

    And I love the sketches!!!