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mini update

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hi, lonely little blog. It's been about two weeks since I've posted an entry and I thought it would be nice to post a little update about my life.
- I went to another basketball camp for a week.
- My mom went to the hospital again since her brain wasn't functioning properly, and she's having a brain operation sometime within the next two weeks.
- I started watching Sherlock and it is BRILLIANT.
- I got some watercolour pencils and I'm so excited to use them.
- I got Paint Tool SAI, except I can tell that something's going to go wrong when I use the program because computers hate me.
- I'm going away to over night camp from August 12th-24th so I won't be doing anything social within that time.
- After stalking many people's instagram profiles, I found some people who are going to my school. Most of them had "#swagyolo" in their profile, and one girl had ear spacers and pink hair ._.

and that's all really. bye!

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  1. Adder's Avatar
    1. gonna pray for your mom!
    2. sherlock yes.
    3. there used to be a girl at my school with half pink, half black hair who dressed like a lolita girl everyday. she was actually super nice.
  2. Astraes's Avatar
    I'll be praying for your mom(: