we don't belong here

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[COLOR=#000000]1. favourite colour?
green and grey
2. favourite quote?
never let life kill your spark-
crown the empire
3. favourite smell?
apple pie
4. favourite animal?
5. favourite season?
6. favourite tv show?
um, i dont watch tv HOWABOUTCATFISH
7. favourite book?
reading is for scrubs
8. favourite song?
Hush Now 501 remix- L.A.O.S
wasted youth- secrets
Wisteria- Hands like Houses
No Parallels- Hands like Houses
9. favourite music artist/band?
Crown the Empire, Sleeping with Sirens, Hands like Houses, etc..
10. favourite [/COLOR][URL=""][COLOR=#000000]school[/COLOR][/URL][COLOR=#000000] subject?
biology and art
11. favourite place?
my bed
12. favourite name?
13. favourite youtuber?
o2l, andrea russett, jennxpenn, ya know those people
14. favourite instrument?
um the recorder jk ukulele
15. favourite food?
16. favourite video game?
league of legends, legend of zelda, i have like 11 of the harvest moon games, kingdom hearts.
17. favourite soundtrack?
miracle- blackmill, the fallout- crown the empire, feel- sleeping with sirens outcasts-palisades unimagine- hands like houses, fragile figures- secrets
18. favourite film?
beastly or dumbo
19. favourite smiley?
i'm uncool bc its xD
20. favourite website/social media?

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