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Its been so long...

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Seems that it has been about 7 months since my last blog entry... boy does time fly.

I felt as though I needed a little break from the game as things were beginning to feel rather repetitive & tiresome for me.

Since my departure there have been so many changes made to the game! Although we have yet to see a new main or side world we finally got that fix to puppet teams as well as a few other issues in the arena as well as the amazing tournament updates which give SO many tickets! Its nice not to see 10-20 new threads a day about puppet teaming anymore, I have't seen a single one since the fix was made

For pirates there have been a tremendous amount of updates including 2 new worlds in a single update! Unheard of! Big thanks to KI for all they've done. Although us wizards have not seen half as many updates as Pirates have I feel something big is in the works for us... Not to mention the upcoming release of Aquila! 3 new dungeons with awesome rewards including Amber, the next line of mastery amulets, & new pets!

Speaking of pets we've had so many new talents! May cast fairy and healing current make quite the addition to that perfect healing pet, I think you can now have a pet with 5 healing talents! Insane!

I'm going to be bringing back all my raffles over the next couple of months, speaking of which the 5,000 crown raffle winners were Maxieornot, xSemira, Lumineer, & Psychic, congrats guys!

Since I've left I have been seeing a lot of new faces around central & a lot less old ones. Although its always sad to see old friends go, I have a feeling many will be back once a new world or Aquila is out

I look forward to getting back into the game & catching up with everyone, hope the past few months have been good to you all.

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