Hey Hey Hey!

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Woahhhhh it's been forever. I doubt even most of you guys even remember me. That's okay though. I've been gone since...October-ish? School this year was a disaster lol. Just couldn't keep up on here.

Me, being myself, decided to log back into the game and welllll...I'm regretting that choice. :p I'm officially re-addicted and finishing up Avalon right now.

I'm still getting used to this new Central layout. Can you even call it new anymore? I don't think..

See you all around the forum! I'm glad to see a lot of familiar faces (should I say usernames?) around here still.

Edit: Okay, these colors are awful lol. Next mission: Figure out how to change this!

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Updated 6-24-13 at 7:05:42 PM by Kris (Noobishness)



  1. lukin's Avatar
    I am sure school wasnt as bad as you make it out to be. Welcome back Kris, hopefully see you around in game as well