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the next generation of blogging by moi has come to a beginning.
i suppose a few changes are gonna be made so i shall start by saying whats up, down, and moving around town.

- my main character on wiz has changed from madeline frost to my new fire, ryan rose. if anyone who had me previously added and would like to add my fire then just say so.
- i'm thinking about getting a name change if i can smuggle some fg from a few of my friends.
- favorites of the month are being discontinued. i'm starting to find them boring and having to look for new things to rave about every month is getting annoying on my part (mainly because i like what i like and new things bother me).
- i have made a new wiz youtube. i used to do a lot of music videos a couple years ago and because i just upgraded my old editor i'm probably gonna start making them again once i get my blue screen problem figured out. i also might be doing a couple funnies just for laughs. so we shall see where that leads me.
- i changed my blog name & appearance if you haven't already noticed. this is the first time i've been content with how everything looks so it will probably be staying like this for a while.
- i've reopened my text shop for anyone who would like to order banners/sigs for anything. you can click here to go to that.

i'm currently in the process of coming up with a few new segments to replace fotm. i probably won't use them all but as of now i'm just brainstorming, so nothing is set in stone.
i'm also redoing my 'bio' section. i may add another custom page to my blog but i haven't decided on that yet, either.

so all in all i'm hoping to make everything a little more interactive than i have been previously, cause i really do love talking to everyone who posts comments on my entires. that being said, i love getting requests from you all so if you ever have something you want me to do, then just ask (to kat- i'm hoping to get my college haul up by this week).

in other news i've been getting addicted to wiz again. despite all the problems i feel like it has, it's still easily enjoyable. trying not to dwell on the bad things.

and as a little ending, i made a graphic with my fire just for the heck of it.

first time i've been in love with an outfit xD it seriously looks fab with every single color in the dye shop.

i hope everyone has a good monday!

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