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all things wiz related. minus a small note at the end.
madi made a fire! fire was my original character when i started wiz. i took the quiz and picked ruby because in my mind it was closer to my birthstone than any of the others.
and i got fire. she ended up being my first and only warlord and set the stage for my favorite school in the entirety of wizard101.
since then i've had two other accounts and have remade that same character on all three. BUT i felt like it was time to move on from the past and change things up a bit.
i figured one of the main reasons why i hate wiz so much is because i get by on the bare minimum. so because i did a little test run over the past week and decided to come back for the summer, i'm gonna do things a little differently than i have before. i'm actually gonna play the game like i'm supposed to. my goal is to make a extremely successful fire pvper while spending the least amount of money as i can. so this basically means two things:
i have to start gardening.
and i have to start farming for gold.
two things i strongly dislike because i hate anything time consuming.
i've also decided to start crafting because why not.

so as of now i have lvl 18 fire. her name is ryan. yes, a girl named ryan.
i felt like being different.
i'm planning on leveling her to 28 to pvp because that's what i'm most comfortable with. plus last time i did low level fire pvp my record was like 44-4 before i started downranking (which was like 2 and a half years ago. i don't downrank anymore, thank you.)
i also plan on finally making a pvp pet. i have absolutely NO pets that are considered 'good pvp pets'. i've just been using the same starfish with spritely for a while cause i never really cared about pets.. lol.
so that means i'll be starting from scratch. that also means i need a lot of mega snacks.
which means i have to garden.
which is gonna be so much fun.
so i'm basically gonna be trying for a fire pet with 2 dmg stats, fairy, proof, and defy.
ALSO i'm going to try and earn some money through farming to get the red barn farm (which i think is so charming).
it's gonna be a lot of work and i feel like i'm gonna end up shooting myself in the face but you know
that's my new fire project. yay xD

a couple of notes:
i've decided to discontinue my fotm posts for now. i just don't really enjoy doing them anymore. i'm also gonna try to blog about wiz more, i feel like people are more interested in that than anything else. which means i may finally bring back my wizard101 how to guides.
on the more random note. i went on a nostalgia ride like 30 minutes ago to the island of clubpenguin. my penguin is almost 7 years old.
that basically confirms my internet addiction started when i was around 11 years old.
how sad xD

i hope everyone had a good weekend. to all of you who started summer already, have a lovely one!
-madi <3

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