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When I Grow Up.... :D

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I'm really excited right now! Let me explain why. So, I've been trying to become a successful writer since the third grade. Many people said I wasn't "capable and shouldn't dream about it." So ever since then I've been practicing my writing skills; actually I've grown the most as a writer here on Central.

For the past six months my brother has excelled in a natural talent of his Computer, technology, graphics, and video editing. I couldn't help but thinking that he would make a pretty good living doing something he enjoys.

So I started to wonder what I enjoy that I could do that I enjoy like that. So I took a shower. ....And it came to me I could make some money as a writer before I graduate, and then go into professional writing or even journalism.

So now I'm looking around Google for writing jobs for people like me :D

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  1. Rider JadeStone's Avatar
    Go for it! I would so love if I could pursue my writing dream, but I can't (it'll be a side-thing if I do have novels published).

    It'd be great to know if you do become successful!