tag you're it.

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i'm only doing this because Kat has tagged me for her tag.
my hiatus is still in motion and i've been enjoying myself more because of it.
so don't expect more things from me.
but when i come back i plan to bring the boom to the bang.

1. how did you get started blogging?:
i have no idea. i think one day i finally got some forum gold for winning an event at a party and was like, what can i buy with this?
and then this happened.

2. what would you say is your blogging "quote"?:
eh.. not really a quote, but i don't use caps as a personal style if that counts.
i also say lovelies a lot.
or things that start with w...
wanderlust, words, whim, woodland (old title), wonderland (old title)

3. how do you come up with ideas for your blog posts?:
in my spare time i used to browse the internet a lot. so if i saw something interesting that i could blog about i would. also just random stuff from my real life.

4. where do you find your blog backgrounds (if any at all):
dolliecrave & all the websites that branch off of that. like cherrybam

5. if you could reverse some of your blog posts would you?:
no. there's only been one post i've ever deleted and that's because it was a mega rage moment and i don't even know. i think that being able to go back and see the progression as a writer is important.

6. do you like it when people do a blog-response or do you find it annoying:
sometimes i find it annoying if it's just like a random thing i posted. but for like tags, w101 how to's and whatever i think it's fine.

7. who would you consider your 'blogging icon' here on Central (if any at all):
honestly i don't have one, lol. i normally read all the posts that i see in the "recents" section (unless theyre wiz related, no offense) so it's not like there's one person i read more than others.

8. how often do you post and why?:
when i'm active i like to post every couple days but if/when i come back it's probably just going to be once a week. even though i don't have a busy schedule for school that's the only amount of time i'm comfortable spending on here as of now.

9. do you have any other ideas for future blog posts?:
nope. i'm planning on starting my own personal blog as soon as i have the money to buy one and as soon as i have a job to pay the monthly hosting fees. sadly i cannot share the url here on central once i get it because it's actually about the cassie me and not the madi me. there's going to be WAY more personal info than i let out on here.
it's something i'm really looking forward to, though.

10. How do you sign off from your blog?:
hope you had a wonderful ____ lovelies
have a wonderful ___ lovelies
sometimes i put a heart if i'm in a good mood.
my mood is not good.

i don't tag anyone because i'm a downer.

have a good day everyone

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