Vanessa Blueriver

Ideas for wizard101

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Do you have any ideas for wizard101? Things that you want to be created? Well post it here I would love to hear your ideas! My idea is a hair salon/barborshop where you could change your hair color or style and you do it with crowns. So Please post your ideas! I would love to hear your ideas! I also have a thread about this if you want to see it [URL][/URL] its pretty new, you dont have to post in it but if you want to.

Thanks,Vanessa Blueriver

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  1. Jen-jen's Avatar
    oh gosh... dont get me started...check out my blog- i have tons of ideas...
  2. Ion's Avatar
    wizard 101 should make it so they can color mounds
  3. katiebugg1998's Avatar
    i think that before we do anything new we need to add on to the game. it is getting kinda boring
  4. Jen-jen's Avatar