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i'm hoping the weird blue sidebars on blogs are just a bug.
otherwise i might cry.
this is definitely a huge change, i figured they were gonna change it to be like p101 central.
it'll take some getting used to but i think i'm ok with it(:
thanks to jester and olivia for getting our forums up and running so quickly. i know there was probably a bunch of content to move over.

for everyone who has complained about the ads - if you use chrome get adblocker and they'll go away.

i'm eating ritz and peanut butter right now.
this is the last week of the fall semester! i'm so pumped for new classes to start.
i'll be taking digital media, AP studio art, architecture 3, and AP stats next semester.
so woo.

and now i'm bored.
so have a good day lovelies!

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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    Thank God I'm not the only one who hopes it's a glitch c: THE TAN AND BLUE ARE MAKING ME CRY..