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Not getting any support/response from KingsIsle?

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I understand that some of you are experiencing frustrations with support and I'd like to discuss the process and some of the hurdles that may be involved.

When players email us with messages like 'hey it's not working! FIX IT' there's not much we can go on to assist you. We don't know what account you're referencing, we don't know if you're having trouble with your computer, a quest, or something else altogether. This is when you'll receive a form response asking for more information. Unless you provide us with the information we need, how can we help you? While we may have a certain level of magic at our disposal, we're not mind readers.

When you contact support, please ensure that you give us:
  • the account name(s)
  • the character name(s)
  • as much information about what you encountered as you can which may include
    • quest names
    • zone/world names
    • item type & names
    • pet type & names
    • screenshots

NEVER send us (or anyone!):
  • your password
  • your full credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your issue can be resolved. It can take up to 48 business hours for Wizard101 customer support to reply to your email. When you send us an email it creates a support 'ticket' that is picked up by one of our support personnel. They read it and address it as best they can with the resources and knowledge they have available to them. 80% of our support tickets fall into similar categories such as lost passwords, video card issues, misplaced items and so on. For these, we have standard responses that may seem automated, but are actually assessed by a human and tailored to fit your specific issue. The other 20% are 80% of the work. These are more complicated and detailed issues that require a great deal of interaction with the player and audits on accounts to truly figure out what is happening. If the player is unresponsive to email, they may feel like we're not paying attention but we are simply waiting for you to give us the specifics we requested. Help us help you.

Submitting duplicate support tickets or spamming with 'why haven't you answered me I emailed you 10 minutes ago!' slows down the whole process, because then we have to cross reference all your tickets and combine them into one larger ongoing ticket.

We're human, and yes sometimes customer support tickets fall through the cracks and don't get the immediate attention you're expecting. Just as we're patient with players when they scream about missing something that's sitting right in their backpack, we ask that you be patient with us when you submit a ticket to support. Some issues require a great deal of effort to investigate, this takes time and can delay us returning your email.

Many of you claim to never hear back from us at all. There are many reasons this could happen and we find most of them are simply that the email we sent went into your junk folder. Many email providers will filter your mail for you based on whether or not they think it's relevant. Make sure you add 'kingsisle.com' and 'wizard101.com/pirate101.com' to your 'safe senders' list.

Often times we get an email from an address that is not associated with the account name given. We can only communicate with the email address associated to the Wizard101 account. If you send in a support ticket claiming your account name is ProfessorGreyrose (which it's not, trust me) then we can only reply to the email address associated with the ProfessorGreyrose account. If you gave a fake email address or no longer have access to your email address account, then we cannot communicate with you about your private account matters. Keep your information accurate and up to date.

Other reasons you may not hear back from us is if you were abusive in your message. We're open to hearing what you have to say and having a discussion about it, but we have a policy of not responding to people who take a malicious approach to conversation.

I hope that clears up some of the frustrations. Now that you have a better understanding of how our (and most other company) support team works, you can get the help you need when you need it.
Hope this helps people, and clears up some of the questions out there.

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