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70 questions

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1. Central Name - ~Koda~
2. Nickname -Koda, Nate, You there =3
3. Zodiac sign - Cancer
4. Do you like school? - Por supusto :D Of course
... 5. T-shirt or tank top - Sweater >:D Hah t shirt
6. Tough or soft-Soft like a pillow
7.funny or serious-Seriously Funny duh
8. Tall or short -Short
9. Sweats or jeans - Sweats
10. Orange or apple - Apple
11. Do you have a crush on someone(Careful, this one gets asked like four times) -Yes
12. Eat or drink -Drink it takes less energy
13. Piercings - Nope
14. Pepsi or coke - Coke

Have you ever...
16. Been in an airplane ?Yes
17. Been in love ?Yes
18. Been in a car accident ?Yes
19. Been in a fist fight ?No

Firsts & lasts
20. First piercing -Never
21. First best friend -1st Grade
22. First award -I got a jumping award in pre k
23. First crush -7th grade
24. First word -Ball
25. Last person you talked to in person -My mom
26. Last person you texted - My sister
27. Last friend you watched a movie with - My dog
28. Last food you ate -Ham and Pineapple pizza
29. Last movie you watched in theaters - Brave I think >~<
30. Last song you listened to - Te Necesito- Cali and El Dandee
31. Last thing you bought -Lunch
32. Last person you hugged - My friend Emily

33. Food ? Manicotti O=
34. Drink ? Chocolate Milk
35. Flower ? Do trees count? If so Cherry Blossoms
36. Animal ? Moose
37. Color ? Purple
38. Place ? In a book
39. Movie ? Hunger Games >:D
40. Subject ? English

Have you ever ...
41. Fallen in love with someone? Yes
42. Celebrated Halloween? I guess ..
43. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?No
44. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? Who says I didnt follow through with it?
45. Eaten a whole pizza? Once o= It was a tiny pizza I got for reading so many pages in a book
46. Did something you regret?Yes
47. Broke a promise?Yes
48. Hid a secret? Yes
49. Pretend to be happy?IT happens allot. You have to have a shell to prevent hurting those you care about. Sounds contradictiary but its true for me.
Your future...
50. Want kids? Yes
51. Want to get married? Yes
52. Career? I want to be either an author or a chef. Or and Author Chef

Which is better in the opposite gender?
53. Lips or eyes - Eyes
54. Shorter or taller - Same height or a little bit shorter
55. Romantic or spontaneous- A median?
56. Straight to kiss or relationship- Relationship. You have to know someone before you jump into something that may not last
57. Looks or personality- Personality

Have you ever...
58. Lost glasses/contacts? No I wish I had glasses though :c
59. Snuck out? No
60. Held a weapon for self defense? What is your definition of "weapon"?
61. Broke someones heart? I think so I wasnt sure if they were serious or not so .
62. Been in love? Yes.
63. Been arrested? Oh yeah I am such a delinquent *sarcasm*

Do you believe in ;
64. Yourself; What is the definition of "myself"? (Yes I do ^-^)
65. Miracles; Of course
66. Love at first sight;To an extent...
67. Santa; I believe in the attitude he promotes
68. Forever & Always; Forever and Always

69. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes
70. Who your real friends are: My friend Anabel from jr. high, Paige and Brecken (Nelsonette and Lady Hinata on central) I can talk to these people about anything and they accept what I have to say =3

Here is my 70 answers to the 70 Questions thread ^-^

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