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Morganthe Isn't Based On An Evil Character!?

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So, I was bored the other day, and I started thinking "How closely based on Morgan Le Fay is Morganthe?" So I started researching her on Google. Now, I had always thought Morgan was evil all the way through. I had read King Arthur books and watched movies and TV shows based on them. While researching I learned a few cool things.

1) There was a real life King Arthur. There wasn't magic or anything, but he was real. He was Celtic, and was fighting the Anglo-Saxons originally.

2) Morgan was NOT his sister in the original story.

3) Morgan was NOT evil originally. She was actually a [B]healer.[/B]

4) Morgan was always associated with water. (Mirror lake)

5) In later versions of the story, Morgan tries to reveal Gwenevere's cheating on Arthur through a horn. (The horn will call)

6) Mallory was actually one of the authors of the stories. (lol Sir Malory)

7) Even when she became evil in later versions, it was because of lost love.

8) When Arthur died Morgan was almost always one of the women to take him to Avalon.

Some cool facts I found out huh? So, Morgan was never as cold as Morganthe.

As I was researching my friends recommended an awesome TV show. [U][I]The Adventures of Merlin.[/I][/U] I'm on Season 1 Episode 4, and I'm already hooked. My favorite characters so far is either Merlin or Morgana. Merlin is hilarious. In one scene he delivers medicine to Morgana, and she thinks he's Gwen. So, Morgana asks him/her tho help her change! lol I was laughing like crazy in that scene!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sooo ya! Bye!

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  1. ~Justin~'s Avatar
    Ooooh!! I like Merlin too! Check out my siggy and avii its Merlin themed! :D