Vanessa Blueriver

Valentines day Items out. Will you buy them?

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[CENTER]Hello everyone! With valentines day coming up, there are valentine crown items sold in the shopping distract by Valentena Heartsong. Will you buy any of the valentines day items????[/CENTER]

[CENTER]If you didnt know valentines day items were released then please read this announcment by KI. [/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]01 February 2010 - Volume XVIII[/B][/CENTER]

[CENTER][IMG][/IMG] [B]Valentina Heartsong returns to Wizard City![/B]
Valentina Heartsong has joined us once again in Wizard City. She can be found in the Wizard City Shopping District near the fountain. She has lots of fun items for sale for Crowns, but just for a limited time.[/CENTER]

[CENTER]We also have something special for our young Wizards for this year's Friendship Festival! You can download and print your very own Wizard Valentines! [/CENTER]

[CENTER]Each Valentine has a space for you to write your Wizard101 Invite a Friend Code, so you can invite friends to join you in Wizard101.
Not sure what your Invite a Friend Code is? Click [URL=""][U][COLOR=#0066cc]here[/COLOR][/U][/URL] to find out! [/CENTER]

[CENTER]Click [U][URL=""][COLOR=#800080]here[/COLOR][/URL][/U] to see the Valentines and to learn how to print them out! [/CENTER]

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  1. TaraBeara's Avatar
    man they are out already?? Man I want that piggle! lol and the dress, depends if I get good grades on my report card that comes out soon!! Man I can't wait! lol
  2. Vanessa Blueriver's Avatar
    lol the bad news is that they dont actually sell the dress they just showed it on valentena heart song.