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Just Tried Pirate101

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So, I just tried Pirate101!! :D The graphics are incredible. Battle is a little hard to get used to. Wizard101 is basically a card game, and Pirate101 is basically a strategy game. Your crew are all NPC's, but I've noticed you can only have two crew members help you at a time. Ship battle is a little harder than regular battle. I was dying in ship combat, and this really nice guy came out of no-where and saved me, and gave me some helpful tips. I was able to do two ship battles on my own after that. Another change from Wizards is the dye shop is in the robe shop. (Which also houses the hat and boot shops.) Pirate101 is a tad more morbid than wizards. In Character Creation the say "We know your an orphan," And then they proceed to ask you how your parents died, where you were raised, and how you were put in jail. (This is where you choose your class.) I actually loved playing it, (Though I still like the W101 story-line better) Malistaire ans Sylvia FTW!!

---Littlelfwizard :)

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  1. TheVizzedWizard's Avatar
    Nice blog! Can you use your Wizard101 account to login to Pirates101? And are you subscriptions carried over? If no then KingsIsle is gonna be loaded soon!
  2. littlelfwizard's Avatar
    You can buy a one month subscription for both games for $6.95. So I subscribe to both games and only pay $6.95 once a month. You can also log in with your W101 username and password.