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New Prehistoric Bundle Review & More

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KingIsle has released its new & absolutely amazing Prehistoric Bundle at Walmart Stores Near you!

Now this Bundle is not currently available in all countries but will be in the next week to come. This is one worth buying. It strikes me in a way as a Halloween Bundle due to the "Scare-O-Dactyl Treehouse". If you recall how the Nightmare Packs were priced lower than most hoards but had the same quality if not better as all the other hoards.

This pack is not 39 dollars, not 35 dollars, but only 29 dollars!

That 29 dollars gets you an Awesome Scare O Dactyl Mount! That you & your friend can ride around the Spiral!

One of the most adorable little pets I've ever seen!

An Awesome Wand

The cool Cave Dweller Outfit

1 Month or 5,000 crowns.

And what sounds like a Treehouse.

I am not sure if this is a house or an item but if its a house I'll be buying a bunch of these packs! (Either way its well worth your money)

I love this new Bundle by King Isle. Keep an eye out for a possible raffle I'm hosting that just might include this in the future.

It's rating is:

I will update with a more accurate review of this bundle when I get it myself. I'll grade gear ststistics and overall quality very accurately.

Happy Halloween Wizards

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  1. Party Poison's Avatar
    I'm gonna try and get it.