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Pancake Review #17

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Hey guys! You know what YOU can be?

[ame=""]Spongebob Hall Monitor Music for ~10 Minutes - YouTube[/ame]

Hall monitors! Secret agents in the world of Wizard101, holy cow! Because that's what they are, secret agents protecting the world from vulgar users of the spiral. I do feel it is a bit ineffective because there are a handful of Hall Monitors and there are only about 100,000+ people who curse. Most people like to go to common realms where most of the offenders reside in the Scarecrow, Wu, or Unicorn realm (at least when I'm on.) So I hope some of them don't look in the wrong place.

[ame=" 7CA5&feature=results_video"]The Maniac Is In The Mailbox - YouTube[/ame]

There is a big concern in this new update. What if they abuse it? What if friendly users having fun are muted for no reason? What if that happens?

[ame=" 27CA5"]i defy you heart man - YouTube[/ame]

Well it probably won't, you know why? Kingsisle has even stated they have done a clear backround check of those who promote the Hall Monitors. If they abuse it, it will eventually show up as Kingsisle will look at the chat logs and THEY will be the one who is punished, so I don't see it as a huge issue.

Overall, Kingsisle needs to do more to fix the issue of language and innapropiate behavior in the spiral, but this is a great way to start.

Grade: B+
Spongebob Squarepants


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