Last Day of Summer

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Summer is coming to an end. Seven days ago, I was telling myself "a week from now I'll be getting ready for my first day back..," and here I am. I'm definitely not ready or excited to go back, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose.

I'm not quite sure what this year will bring me. I'm taking more advanced classes, and I'm guaranteed homework along with them. Soccer has started as well, so there goes my afternoon.

Four out of my eight classes are upstairs this year, so I'm going to be running all over the place. We have three minutes in between bells, and I'm going to tell you, it's nowhere near enough time to get to my classes.

I did take a year long digital image editing class. You know, work with Photoshop. Everyone I know that has taken it has said it's fun, so I'm hoping for something pleasant to end my day (It's my last class). I also get study hall (finally!!) so I am excited about that as well, even though I have it second period and it's not until the second semester.

The highlight of my school day: Lunch. Until this year.
I have lunch C, aka, the latest lunch. A eats at 11:09, B at 12:15, and C at 1:15. Which, in my opinion, is kind of ridiculous, because our dismissal bell rings at 2:36. So I have almost 7 hours in between breakfast and lunch, and when I get home I won't even be hungry and I'll have soccer anyway.

Oh well, I'll survive. R.I.P. Summer '12, you will be missed.

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