A wizards thoughs.


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Wizcon anyone! Read the thread here!

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So this is just an out-of-the-blue idea but I was thinking since Wizard101 seems to be very popular it should have it's own convention! Appropriately named, Wizcon!

What would happen? You might ask.
Well there could be different booths for who knows what. Maybe some booths handing out special promo codes, others are meets and greets, and maybe a central booth!

Who would go?
Well KI staff would go for sure, maybe some famous bloggers like TFN? Also who knows, maybe the central staff could have it's own little thing.

Of course this is just an idea that popped into my head but I think it would be really cool. And yes, this is a real life event I am talking about and if you're thinking "This isn't safe for the little kids" well their parents would be with them and there would be precautionary mesures before entering the building. This would also be a GREAT source of revenue for them. Just a thought. :P

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