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  1. Battle Lock or World Lock?

    by , 9-27-10 at 6:15:35 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    [quote=dovey;1180245][COLOR=#634516]This week's question is: [I]"Should wizards be able to teleport into worlds that they haven't earned access to through the storyline? "[/I][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=indigo]I did a poll on this question a while back but I was only talking about Celestia, not changing anything existing.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=indigo]The results were 60% wanted to limit Celestia to only those who have earned it and 40% wanted it kept open to anyone who wanted to ...
  2. A Battle Full of Fire in My Guardian's Pants (Part 2)

    by , 8-12-11 at 12:16:32 AM (Tales of an Adept Ice Duelist vs. All Legends)
    I thought that entry for ‘Party in the Dorms’ was real creative, guys! Those candles in my entry spell ‘3 YEARS’ and they’re the only indication that the parties are for Central, not just for random jellybean overdoses!

    Anyway! I decided to enter more familiar territory with the ‘Caption It!’ contest. Here's my entry. Don't forget to click 'Thanks' if you like it:

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  3. Blog Title -- CONTEST!

    by , 1-4-10 at 4:59:42 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    Ok so I don't really like the name of my blog... does anyone have any Idea??
    I'm making it a contest, who ever comes up with the name I like the most or people who read the blog like the most will win.

    1st place: 2 Helephant treasure cards
    2nd place: Sprite Guardian and Blizzard

    Names already
    come up with:
    1. Journal of a New Wizard (Mooshurules)
    2. A Girls Thoughts (Fuzzy306)
    3. Wizard101 Corner ...

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  4. A Battle Full of Fire in My Guardian's Pants (Part 1)

    by , 8-10-11 at 10:11:22 PM (Tales of an Adept Ice Duelist vs. All Legends)
    Hi everyone!

    Now that you know why sea dragons clap, you should always be the wise one in any argument within the forums or in life. (Last Entry:

    Before I tell you about a battle full of fire in my guardian’s pants, I’d love for you to take a moment to rate my blog. It’s the little button on the upper right of this entry. If you leave a rating less than ‘Excellent,’ please write me a comment and ...

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  5. Wizard101 and The World Outside

    by , 1-15-10 at 6:28:22 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    First off, and this is probably the most important one, I would like to thanks everyone for buying a Meowmodon. You guys have definitely show that wizard101 is a strong community by raising $126,000! The money will be distributed equally between two organizations – Austin Children’s Shelter and Child’s Play. Once again, thank you to all!

    Secondly, test realm is now open! Apparently KI is asking the players to test the limits. They want to see how many players can be in one area at ...

    Updated 2-2-10 at 10:43:04 PM by FuzzyWuzzy

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