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  1. Pet Central - Hatch Schedule: January 15th through January 21st

    by , 8-13-17 at 2:57:31 AM (Hatches Galore)


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    Pet Central
  2. Cyrus Drake and the Laundry Machine

    Cyrus Drake was a stoic man, and was prepared for anything. He was a Ravenwood Professor; the myth one at that, the school that is literally about turning myths into reality; fiction into nonfiction. He knew to expect the unexpected.

    Unfortunately, there was one constant interference that disturbed all notions of "expected" and "order": Jasmine FireBlade.

    Here she was, in his classroom, with what appeared to be some sort of very
    Stories/Poetry , Wizard101
  3. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💔❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟 💌😍🥰😘😻💖

    I know I know you all missed me tremendously and my nonsense names on posts rofl. Yuss, I picked every emoji I could find with hearts in it and duh these never names never make any sense. I like a little fun in life.

    Ok, so I decided to try this hatching Kiosk out to see what you can do with it. I decided to make myself a project strictly from hatching with pets there and see if this turns out good or bad. So I took a flamingo pet with nasty talents and hatched it with a calico ...

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  4. Lil Noob Wiz

    It's been a long time since I have updated this blog lol.

    Hi there, I have returned. It's been a while. But thanks to the world right now, I have a lot of free time. Now is a bad time to be a new college grad, but I'll figure it out eventually. But until then, we game.

    Things are a lot different now, both with the game and this forum. I started playing this game in 2009. I was in fifth/sixth grade. A lot of time has passed, so naturally a lot of faces I used to know are ...
  5. Minions...

    by , 8-4-09 at 7:23:12 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    I decided to make a blog about the wonderful creatures Minions. Minions are very very useful in PvP.

    Some minions are better than others, and some really should stick in 1v1 duels.

    Once you get into 3v3 and 4v4, minions should stay out of the arena. They end up turning into a waste of pips. The reason for that is all the new group spells. You will summon your trusty Sprite, but next turn it gets hit by a Nova, Storm Lord, etc...

    2v2 is Kinda iffy. It all ...

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