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  1. Gift Card Pets!

    Gift Card Pets

    One's I have.
    One's I'm missing.
    Aqua Dragon** - Fire
    Cerulean Dragon** - Fire
    Armor Dragon** - Fire, 3rd Life, 3rd Myth, 3rd Balance
    Blue Dragon** - Fire, Ice
    Royal Dragon** - Fire
    Azure Dragon** - Fire, Life, 3rd Storm, 3rd Life, 3rd Balance
    Indigo Dragon** - Ice

    Sneaky Piggle** - Fire
    Sly Piggle** - Fire
    Tough Piggle**- Fire
    Smarty Piggle** - Fire, Life
    Power Piggle** - Fire

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  2. Cyrus Drake and the Laundry Machine

    Cyrus Drake was a stoic man, and was prepared for anything. He was a Ravenwood Professor; the myth one at that, the school that is literally about turning myths into reality; fiction into nonfiction. He knew to expect the unexpected.

    Unfortunately, there was one constant interference that disturbed all notions of "expected" and "order": Jasmine FireBlade.

    Here she was, in his classroom, with what appeared to be some sort of very
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  3. Reflections

    Over the past few years, I've begun to learn and discover a lot about myself, and grow as a person. No, I'm not perfect, but no one is. I just try to be better than I was yesterday.

    Considering how dead and inactive these threads are, I doubt anyone else even remembers (or has noticed their existence in the first place), but I can't help but feel haunted by things like my Treasure Card Shop thread that I created years ago and still haven't opened. Or that Scenic Screenshot thread with
  4. Time To Time It!

    I always wanted to know how long it takes to max a wizard, so here is how long I quest for, what wizards I am using and the gear set upish and of course, TIMES!

    Starting off with 2 fires at level one. Both are going to start off using some random and assorted pack gear mostly from the free packs given over the last year. All level 0 items along with the Ascendant Staff. Both have baby noob pets too. :P Also of Note, I use 2 mounts, not dual ones and simply port to each other.

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  5. Gaming

    There is an unspoken rule that applies to any and all games that only the people who love games know. This one trick is one many people, including hard core gamers may never figure out. From Candy Land board games to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it works.
    If you are not having fun, you are playing it wrong.

    Games are made to offer challenges, and if you let pets, a negative friend, a glitch you can work around, some over the top hoarding goal, a rank, a badge, a bit of ...