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  1. Women's Beach Volleyball Gold

    [quote=Jas;3924765]As some of you may know, the women's beach volleyball gold medal match was played by the two women's USA teams. [Auto gold and silver. :D] It was Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings VS April Ross and Jen Kessi.

    And the gold goes to....

    Misty and Kerri. :D 3rd time in a row to win gold in beach volleyball for the girls. Misty is retiring this year so what an awesome way to go out. :)

    Just thought I'd post this early for you ...
  2. eden vs. wizards

    So honesty I've found myself playing Eden Eternal more than Wizard101 lately, so I thought I might as well compare them :3

    I love the card gameplay
    You can dye your clothes whenever you like and stitch things
    The graphics are pretty amazing (At least imo, I keep them on high)
    The forums here on Central are pretty amazing
    Special gear for PvP- and as much as the PvP system is messed up I still love it

    Cons- ...
  3. First Paycheck!

    by , 8-8-12 at 1:48:57 PM (Little Forest Blog :))
    I got my first paycheck from my first job today! It's so cool! The only down is: they took out taxes!! It stinks.......................... lol But I suppose we need roads and stuff.....
  4. Whoopsie!

    by , 8-8-12 at 11:09:54 AM (Sarafina's blog)
    I apparently forgot to close my Wizard101 Central window last night and I left it open and it said I was online all night when I was really sleeping! I must have looked crazy to be "online" at 3 AM!
  5. Central's Birthday "Bake-Off" Contest - Entry Thread

    by , 8-7-12 at 11:59:54 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
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