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  1. Its been so long...

    by , 7-31-13 at 8:38:59 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    Seems that it has been about 7 months since my last blog entry... boy does time fly.

    I felt as though I needed a little break from the game as things were beginning to feel rather repetitive & tiresome for me.

    Since my departure there have been so many changes made to the game! Although we have yet to see a new main or side world we finally got that fix to puppet teams as well as a few other issues in the arena as well as the amazing tournament updates which give SO ...
  2. Finally… the July/August issue

    by , 7-31-13 at 8:20:48 PM (Spiral Magazine)
    If the photos are too small, zoom in on your screen. The type will not be blurry.


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  3. hello blog

    hello sad little blog. haven't seen you in a while.
    i began watching Sherlock, and yes. just yes.

    i also got the task of the championship done really quickly...

    surrealism, i will be avoiding you for the next few years, you are so annoying.
    and my artwork ...
  4. abracadabra

    my walls are so bare.
    not really grizzly bear status, though.
    so funny.
    i've spend the last couple weeks up to my eyeballs in college prep stuff. i've taken some "quizzes" online for things i attended at summer orientation, ordered my books, talked to my roommate on facebook and a bunch of other stuff i can't really remember. i also took an english placement exam. it was like 48 questions long and you had an hour to do it. i finished it in 27 minutes and got ...
  5. major crafting fail -.-

    I feel like an idiot, lol. I just crafted another pair of level 86+ boots for my storm by accident. I forgot I crafted them a few months ago and didn't bother to check -.- Bye bye 5 turquoise :(