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  1. photo manipulations?

    i went and had a go at photo manipulations, tumblr style, and this came out. didn't turn out too bad... looking for critique ^^

    and i also found the best gif ever, look at this -
    i put it on the side so that matt can scare you every time you come here ^.^
  2. Overload

    by , 8-13-13 at 11:25:01 PM (Tastes Quite Horrible)
    I have a flawed train of logic. I have a massive pile of overdue work to do, but instead of doing it, I decide to write a blog post ranting about how many things I have on my plate.

    Sounds logical.

    School started on the 17th of July for me, a lot earlier than most people. Unfortunately, I am still in "summer vacation mode." My mind us unable to concentrate, thus rendering it difficult to do work.

    I am also extremely lazy.

    Since school ...

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  3. Ivory Tower Bound

    Tomorrow I return to campus for the Fall 2013 semester, which also means much less Spiral time until mid-December.

    I plan to visit the Spiral on weekends and occasionally evenings during the week. I'll continue to log into Central regularly, so feel free to send a PM or leave a visitor message on my page.

    Those of you who know me IRL can also find me in my various cyber-haunts.

    Fight a boss for me,

  4. Outraged Capitol Woman- Catching Fire Speculation

    Going over the IMDB cast list for Catching Fire, I came across a part called "Outraged Capitol Woman." Obviously in the books we have seen only Katniss's POV and thus haven't seen or been alluded to any outraged capitol woman. I am speculating that this "Outraged Capitol Woman" will be yelling obscenities or whatever either during interview night (Peeta's ending line of his interview; not spoiling anything here but watch out ahead), when Peeta temp. dies, or after they break ...
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  5. Dungeons and Dragons

    Well lookee here, I updated my blog.
    I think I need to work on it a biiit more, but it's looking alright so far.

    Theeeey changed the sidebar.
    Alright, okay, I can live with it.

    So, today, from 10AM to 4 PM I went to the Library to play D&D for a second time. I played once before (at the library again) in March, and it's funner than anything I've ever done.
    Today I was a human magic user named Tierceles Rosewood, last time I was still a human magic ...