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  1. Chester Cheetos

    So been plugging along on my pet projects and have finished 2 so far. Close on another and pretty sure the pet I am taking to mega atm will finish a third.

    So I stopped the kiosk nastiness on those ice crits and did my own thing and ended up with a scorpion of it and a rain core hybrid of it. Scorpion is on the magus ice wiz and the other is on the level 130 ice wiz.


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    Owling Around
  2. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💔❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟 💌😍🥰😘😻💖

    I know I know you all missed me tremendously and my nonsense names on posts rofl. Yuss, I picked every emoji I could find with hearts in it and duh these never names never make any sense. I like a little fun in life.

    Ok, so I decided to try this hatching Kiosk out to see what you can do with it. I decided to make myself a project strictly from hatching with pets there and see if this turns out good or bad. So I took a flamingo pet with nasty talents and hatched it with a calico ...

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    Owling Around
  3. Project

  4. Gift Card Pets!

    Gift Card Pets

    One's I have.
    One's I'm missing.
    Aqua Dragon** - Fire
    Cerulean Dragon** - Fire
    Armor Dragon** - Fire, 3rd Life, 3rd Myth, 3rd Balance
    Blue Dragon** - Fire, Ice
    Royal Dragon** - Fire
    Azure Dragon** - Fire, Life, 3rd Storm, 3rd Life, 3rd Balance
    Indigo Dragon** - Ice

    Sneaky Piggle** - Fire
    Sly Piggle** - Fire
    Tough Piggle**- Fire
    Smarty Piggle** - Fire, Life
    Power Piggle** - Fire

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  5. Cyrus Drake and the Laundry Machine

    Cyrus Drake was a stoic man, and was prepared for anything. He was a Ravenwood Professor; the myth one at that, the school that is literally about turning myths into reality; fiction into nonfiction. He knew to expect the unexpected.

    Unfortunately, there was one constant interference that disturbed all notions of "expected" and "order": Jasmine FireBlade.

    Here she was, in his classroom, with what appeared to be some sort of very
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