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  1. Can't get enough of these pets

    by , 1-15-11 at 12:51:43 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    As much as I hate Pet Pavillion, I can't help but keep training. I think it's called perseverance. I really really want a good pet, for both dueling and PvE. In my book, an ideal pet is something like this:

    Spell Proof
    Life-Giver [I'm kinda weird but yes, this is what I want for my life character]

    If possible, I just want those first two talents, is that so hard to ask for?

    I can't help but think I really do have bad luck ...
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  2. New name change! again ;)

    i decided to change name again cuz i kinda retired on old hexxy 4 months ago lol,
    nd im liking the new name so far and hope i will in future to >.<
  3. 8 Legendaries!(Late to say)

    Well I forgot when I had my 8th Legendary(Balance Wizard). It was in December. Joshua Sun, Juan Silverbreeze, Joshua Iceheart, Brand Sprite, Joshua, Joshua Jadedreamer, Joshua Mythgem, and Joshua are my proud 8 Legendary Wizards. Thank you all for telling me which to do. Good luck to everyone in Central to getting their Legendaries. ;).
  4. Those Moles...

    The moles in CL just love bosses don't you think?
    Question: Do you think there should be less bosses in the Floating Land?
  5. First post. *crosses fingers*

    by , 1-14-11 at 9:29:05 PM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    I am Shanie and this is my blog.

    Ok. I promised some tips.

    The biggest tip I can offer is this:


    What does that big shiny word mean?

    Quite simply it means don't have only one type of spell.
    Now, the game suggests having a second school. This is easy. But what about a third school?

    I have found that through Zeke's Quests and the odd additional point here and there, it is possible to have made progress ...