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  1. Userpage ^^

    I got my userpage earlier today and I've been working on it. I need some banners and renders before I can really start working on it. I'll put up the link in the header soon.
  2. A Look Into New Amulets

    by , 4-10-11 at 6:41:24 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    I have been seeing a lot of negative feedbacks on the new amulets so far.
    People keep saying it's unfair. It's unbalance. It's not needed.
    That's not entirely true. While I respect everyone's opininons, I would like to share my perspective.

    Here is what I originally posted on Nick S.'s thread of [URL=""]Why the new amulets are necessary[/URL]:

    [quote=FuzzyWuzzy;1927423]Thank you ...

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  3. Can't Say Wintertusk or Island Getaway

    by , 4-10-11 at 6:17:49 PM (The Stormy Blog)
    Like the title says. Why can't we say it! It's part of Wizard101 and it's not bad! When my friends and I talk about Island Getaways or Wintertusk we have to say Island Get a Way and Winter To Usk. xD I think it's wrong. Well, cya around the spiral.

  4. Myth's Getting Tricky

    by , 4-10-11 at 5:39:26 PM (The Pharaoh's Chronicles)
    Jason just recently had to take on the Death Pixies (Which were Life, and very fond of Absorb Shields) for his Cyclops Minion. Without my Troll Minion, taking out the three pesky pixies would've been impossible, mainly because I'm undertaking a Starter-Deck-Only Challenge on him. It was suggested by BWildheart to me, and it's becominig quite a daunting task. I plan to train Reshuffe sometime in MooShu, being that taking on the Jade Oni with so few shileds usually turns out badly. I'm lucky to have ...
  5. Kinderly


    Untranslated (Scots):
    Kinderly is now my coming
    into this world with teres and cry
    litel and povere is my having
    britel and sone I falle from hit
    sharpe and strong is my deying
    I ne woth whinder schal I
    foul and stinkande is my roting
    on me, Jhesun you have mercy!

    Translated (English):
    My arrival here is natural

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