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  1. Ode to my Pet Egg

    Yes, I'm a little behind the times, but I just this week began to level up my first pet, and I've learned the joys of having a pet with talents! My Pet Egg first learned the Blizzard spell, then got the "may cast Spritely" talent. I L-O-V-E my Pet Egg now!!! He casts that Sprite on me soooooo much in battle now! His name is Fluffy, and I love him.

  2. *Face Desk*

    I'm so frustrated... Does anyone else ever feel like that?
  3. ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So... just thinking about my possible merge/alliance with one of the most powerful clans in the game xD Very stressful being a clan leader. I bet no one ever knew how stressful, busy, and hard working clan leaders are xD We have the hardest job ever, we have to lead members, keep everyone happy, handle wars and foreign affairs, do all this central hectic stuff, and still manage our own personal lives xD Like me, I have a girlfriend, a clan, tons of stuff to do on the side, HIGH SCHOOL, homework, ...
  4. Well.. hi :D

    Just another random update thread.

    1) ALLERGIES!! x.x

    Omg my allergies are going out of control. My nose has been runny for weeks now.. bleh. I usually am never this bad, but I guess I am this year. It stinks :(.

    2) School

    School is getting tougher (boo!!). I am surviving, however. Yay. :D. In Algebra, we're learning about log and all it's.. logness. How fun.. -_-. We are currently also working on a 1200-1500 word paper about a certain genetic ...
  5. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    by , 4-11-11 at 7:42:53 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    [CENTER]This blog entry is dedicated to my awesome friend, and granddaughter, Saffy.

    She is Queen Shamwow and is probably the most random person ever.
    She is great.
    She is awesome.
    She is funny.
    She makes me laugh.

    Love you a lot Saffy, hope you have a wonderfully fantastic birthday!