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  1. Hi mods!

    by , 10-5-18 at 6:07:28 PM (Musings from within the Lostroom)
    Hey guys! Lovely to see ya around this neck of the woods!
  2. Norse Mythology

    by , 5-28-18 at 4:25:22 PM (Life of Your Average Thaumaturge)
    Lately, I have gotten really into Norse mythology. Now, it's well-known that KI based Grizzleheim/WinterTusk off of Norse mythology, but I've realized that the parallels extend beyond just that one world. Here are some of the references I've found, but feel free to comment any others you have discovered!

    Bartleby/World Tree - In Norse mythology, the ash tree named Yggdrasill has roots in each of the nine worlds, essentially connecting them together. That is Bartleby's function in the ...
  3. PC Hatch Schedule (4/30-5/6)


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  4. PC Schedule 4.1.18 - 4.8.18

    Crystina's Hatching Schedule

    This Week's Pet:

    Sir Lucy: Fire Triple Double


    I. All hatches will be held in realm Phoenix.

    II. Please make sure to bring at least 55k gold and an available timer.

    III. Let me know your chosen time at least 1 hour in advance, or you will not be scheduled. Times listed

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  5. PC Hatch Schedule (4/2-4/8)


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