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    There is an unspoken rule that applies to any and all games that only the people who love games know. This one trick is one many people, including hard core gamers may never figure out. From Candy Land board games to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it works.
    If you are not having fun, you are playing it wrong.

    Games are made to offer challenges, and if you let pets, a negative friend, a glitch you can work around, some over the top hoarding goal, a rank, a badge, a bit of ...
  2. Dusting off the ol' Blog and Reminiscing

    by , 1-10-19 at 4:31:37 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    This seems to be a rarely utilized part of the forum nowadays. It's to be expected I suppose; the game's peak seems to have come and gone a few years ago.

    Still, it's nice to see what I was like all those years ago -- posting blog entries back in 2010 as you would expect from a growing kid. Spelling errors, grammar errors, errors, errors, and more errors. And the color scheme! A black background with red font to make reading all the more difficult. If I can't even understand my own ...

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  3. Epic Lunar Tournament!

    by , 12-18-18 at 10:01:33 PM (Musings from within the Lostroom)
    It's gonna be fire

    Quote Originally Posted by Toa of Gallifrey View Post
    Attention all epic Wiz gamers! Qyburn Stellargaze needs your help. The Cabal are going to attack the Arcanum. The scholars have intercepted their plans, which state that they will attack just before the year ends. The Arcanum needs your help. They need to find the most powerful wizard so that he or she can defeat Duncan Grimwater. Qyburn will host a tournament in his Celestial Observatory where he will declare who is the wizard most suitable to wield his
  4. I still miss my friends

    by , 10-5-18 at 6:15:34 PM (Musings from within the Lostroom)
    UltimateNinja I still miss you. ;_;

    Mods pls don't delete this, this is what blogs are for... for blogging. I'm not breaking the rules by talking about my friend, who I miss.
  5. Fate/Grand Order ACT 2

    by , 10-5-18 at 6:11:26 PM (Musings from within the Lostroom)
    PM me if you want me to add you in FGO (NA). My supports are pretty lit

    PS: Mods, why was this deleted? Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game with zero communication features. It's even less harmful than sharing 3DS friend codes, because the 3DS has basic communication features.