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  1. hey hey hey!

    Hahah, I just deleted my awkward blog posts from seven years ago because I don't feel as though they represent me as a person whatsoever anymore.

    Anyway, hello anyone who still reads blogs in the year 2020! I'm Autumn. I don't come around very often anymore, but I'm still occasionally here. Wizard101 was a big part of my later childhood, and I still enjoy running around the Spiral every once in a while.

    My avatar, profile picture, and signature are all images of Lightning ...
  2. Pet Showcase (Pet Storage) and Pet Space Expansion Elixirs

    by , 10-29-20 at 5:21:49 PM (Savannah DarkHeart)
    Dear KI,

    First, I just wanted to share that I absolutely love the Pet Tome feature as it makes Spiral life just a bit more wonderful!

    Along with the Pet Tome, I thought that it would be awesome if a Pet Showcase (Pet Storage) housing item could be added to the game, that players can obtain by crafting or purchasing from the crown shop.

    I also think it would be outstanding if the Pet Showcase would work in conjunction with the Pet Tome.

    My thoughts ...
  3. Pet Tokens

    Quote Originally Posted by Oxnhorse View Post
    All 6 of my wizards have a pet token of some kind in their reagents bag.

    How do I activate them for my pets? I haven't seen anything in the game that explains how to use them.

    I am asking, because I don't understand how they are to be used.
  4. Lil Noob Wiz

    It's been a long time since I have updated this blog lol.

    Hi there, I have returned. It's been a while. But thanks to the world right now, I have a lot of free time. Now is a bad time to be a new college grad, but I'll figure it out eventually. But until then, we game.

    Things are a lot different now, both with the game and this forum. I started playing this game in 2009. I was in fifth/sixth grade. A lot of time has passed, so naturally a lot of faces I used to know are ...
  5. Chester Cheetos

    So been plugging along on my pet projects and have finished 2 so far. Close on another and pretty sure the pet I am taking to mega atm will finish a third.

    So I stopped the kiosk nastiness on those ice crits and did my own thing and ended up with a scorpion of it and a rain core hybrid of it. Scorpion is on the magus ice wiz and the other is on the level 130 ice wiz.


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