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  1. Random Q&A, I guess.

    by , 8-11-14 at 7:25:02 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Eh... I'll answer questions on here, if someone comments with one. I'm just bored, and thinking I need a random blogpost. XD

    Anyone can ask a question, I'll answer to my best degree.
    @Rachel ElizabethDare I have a set of happy songs.
    A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold
    Last Ride of the Day - Nightwish
    Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl - Gaelic Storm
    If Good Times were Dollars - Gaelic Storm
    Cam Ye O'er Frae France ...

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  2. Welcome to my Blog!

    Welcome to my blog!

    I've been playing Wizard101 since 2011, at the young age of 11 years old. I loved the game from when I first started, and it's always been a favorite pastime of mine, venturing the Spiral and meeting new people

    I just recently started being active on W101 Central last month, and already I've made so many great friends I am excited to start and blog and share my love for W101 as well as other things with the many people here on Central!

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  3. The Nightmares of Questing #1 Death

    Once upon a time, I made a level 10 death wizard. I created said death wizard as a experiment. "I wonder if I can get commander in PvP using this strategy!" I thought that day.

    I did indeed get commander, thus proving the strategy effective. Then I never touched the wizard again, it was merely a experiment of strategy...

    Except after long months of never touching the death wizard, I did.

    I was extremely bored. I was procrastinating on both Khrysalis ...

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  4. Hello blogging community!

    by , 8-10-14 at 4:03:34 PM (Wolf GoldThief's Blog!)
    Hello! In my future Blogs, I will be posting random things about Wizard101. I have a lot to say, so I hope that it keeps you all interested.

    See you then!
  5. Art Resource #18 - FZDSCHOOL + Design

    So I mentioned this in my last blog post about this FZDSCHOOL youtube channel. And I've actually have had time to watch a decent number of his videos starting from the first.

    I totally recommend watching from episode one, as he tries not to repeat every single thing in future episodes-so he builds up sorta. But they're great and I've learned a lot that I can apply to in my art and my thinking.

    Here is FZDSCHOOL's ...