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  1. Veg, Veg, Veg!

    The other day I saw people commenting they HAD to farm for gold still. Thought since hatching costs gold will tell you some tricks so you don't ever have to farm again.

    First off, GH is your new bestie. You want to farm couch potatoes. I average about 1-2 an hour, yet some days within 30 min have 5 of them as drops. Its kinda random; try one set of mobs within 7 turns no cp. Go to the next one etc; one of them will usually drop quicker than the others. Just a matter of finding which ...

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  2. To Future Me and What Happened in the Last Six Months

    by , 2-18-16 at 12:56:06 AM (Sam's Life)
    I could've sworn the last time I posted something was at least two years ago, but surprise! It's only been, one... two... six months! I might as well write something for the future me to read about. The introduction was not really necessary because it was already in the title, oh well!

    First, I'd like to give a shout out to Myrna and zivathebeasta for commenting on my post six weeks ago. That was really exciting when I saw it today. Thanks for the words of encouragement!
  3. Whale of a Tale

    Taking a break real quick from mid-term studying to add to this talk about easier pet hatching.

    This is a pattern I saw emerge to help get rid of a talent I did not want popping up. I call it the power of 3. Remember we would not know anything about talent dominance in pets to begin with if people were not able to recognize patterns. So this makes the leap very easy after that during projects you might find a pattern that emerges over and over so hey we just need to use that to further ...

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  4. It's Hard

    Trust me, it is. It's hard leaving this game. A game that you've played since you were a kid? Heck yes it is. I've tried to leave several times and I still can't. Right now I'm up, near the ending of Khrysalis and questing like the old times. Ah, those memories of Krokotopia, Marelybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre. Those were the good times.

    Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the new worlds. Avalon, Khrysalis, two of my favorites of the second arc. It's just the old nostalgic feeling about ...

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  5. Central Needs New Gems!

    by , 1-18-16 at 11:39:44 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
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    So I am sure many of you have noticed we are a little behind on ranks and gems for Central. So here is a chance to use your creative skills to be remembered as the one who made the gems for the Exalted/Prodigious ranks on Central. You can use any of the current gems to cut and paste, or change their color in you program of choice.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    Keep them the same size they are now (they might not look like your vision when they are resized)

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