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  1. Wow, Just look at all this rubbish

    by , 3-27-16 at 3:57:47 AM (Tastes Quite Horrible)
    Wow, I have neglected Central for roughly two years. I read through my old blog posts, and man, I was a really whiny kid back in high school. Complaining about nothing and all the "work" that I used to have. Kind of funny in retrospect, since now being in college, my responsibilities have since increased dramatically.

    Ironically, despite the increased workload that comes with being a broke college student, I am much happier than I was two years ago. I don't care about having ...

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    Life Musings and Rants
  2. DAY 14

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    BADGE GET!! Krokotopia is done now!
  3. DAY 13

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    BADGE GET!! Grizzleheim is officially done!
  4. Beast Masters: Quad Critical, Damage, Wards, SPUDF, Block, Pierce & More! All Sch

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    Beast Masters

    Monthly Hatch-A-Palooza
    March 2016
    Hurry today is the last day for requests!
    Request Period 3/14/16-3/20/16
    All requests received that are dated on or between the above dates will be honored.

    ~ Beast Masters ~
    * One Team, One Purpose *
    Helping the Wizard101 and Wizard101 Central communities with pets since 2012

    ~ Our Team ~

    (Volunteers/Prospective Beast Masters)
    Reed Griffin, Alyssa
  5. Spring Break!

    Well with that evil thing called test I finished my life damage pet up. So I guess I will have to find another project to show you tricks and tips for mega. It was kinda funny too the pet I was using to help a friend and I thought nothing about it other than it was epic, so test opened and I was like I wonder how it does so trained and boom done.

    Well anyways at least we went through ...
    Owling Around