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  1. Breathing Easy

    I have come to the conclusion that some people need to argue to breathe. Akin, but not the same are those that need to complain to breathe. While often times these are traits present in an individual, they can be independent and sole traints in a person. They are however very magnetic and pull towards each other.
    There are many people in the world and in social media that turn to others with and without this disorder to fulfill this need. They are like vampires, thirsty for blood, and those ...
  2. Pet Hatching!

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    Hai! I know people already PM & VM me now.
    I'd just like to let everyone else know they can message me anytime for pets!
    I also share my pets on my Face - book so I manage 2 different sites of requests.
    You can easily find my wizard Face by searching my central name.

    I'm constantly uploading pets to my albums so if you don't see anything you like yet,
    look back any time & I might have newly made & updated
  3. Beast Masters: Max Stats 2.0 Pets!

    by , 3-29-16 at 11:57:27 AM (Savannah DarkHeart)
    Quote Originally Posted by SavannahDarkHeart View Post
    Beast Masters
    Max Stats 2.0 Pets
    New Max Stats: (255, 250, 260, 260, 250)
    Are Coming Soon!!!
    Scheduled Launch: April 2016

    Please keep an eye on this thread for near future updates and important
    details on how to request your hatch as soon as the they are available!

    Here are just a few photos of the
    "New" Max Stats 2.0 pets
    that your participating fellow Beast Masters have to offer!

    Beast Master's Eagle
  4. Beast Masters: Off The Chain ~ Savannah DarkHeart ~

    by , 3-29-16 at 11:53:12 AM (Savannah DarkHeart)
    Quote Originally Posted by SavannahDarkHeart View Post

    Beast Masters
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    Coming Soon!
    Scheduled Launch: April 2016

    ~ Beast Masters ~
    * One Team, One Purpose *
    Helping the Wizard101 and Wizard101 Central communities with pets since 2012

    ~ Our Team ~

    Savannah DarkHeart

    (Vice President)
    Dylan ThunderFist
    Ethan AshRider
    (Beast Master)
    Reed Griffin
    (Beast Master)
  5. DAY 18

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    I woke up early in the morning for this