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  1. is this normal?

    k, something scary happened last night. i had a dream i went back to school, i distinctly remember walking into my english classroom. and mysteriously, i don't know if you saw the countries quiz in off-topic, but i named a country which i didn't name when i was doing the quiz, and answered it in an english lesson, so that's strange.
    but it gets weirder.
    benedict cumberbatch was there.
    i'm seriously confused on how sane i am.

    and i also notice the sidebar ...
  2. Carolina Crown!

    Carolina Crown won the DCI finals last night! I'm so excited and proud of them! Blue Devils had been beating them almost all season but they managed to beat them at pretty much the last possible minute! Crown I love you! >:D
  3. before the adventure continues

    hello loveliess.
    this is sort of a random saturday post. i'm moving on wednesday to start school and don't know how much time to myself i'm gonna have. i wanted to do something before i left since i'm working all weekend and then monday and tuesday will be more packing, making sure i have everything ready, and finishing cleaning the whole upstairs of my house since it's all basically cassie territory.
    life at the moment has been really chill. i've mostly just been reading and stuff ...
  4. mini update

    by , 8-10-13 at 11:51:28 AM (Never Lose Your Flame)
    hi, lonely little blog. It's been about two weeks since I've posted an entry and I thought it would be nice to post a little update about my life.
    - I went to another basketball camp for a week.
    - My mom went to the hospital again since her brain wasn't functioning properly, and she's having a brain operation sometime within the next two weeks.
    - I started watching Sherlock and it is BRILLIANT.
    - I got some watercolour pencils and I'm so excited to use them.
    - I got ...
  5. Stolen

    1. favourite colour?
    Silver & Blue
    2. favourite quote?
    Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. -James Dean
    3. favourite smell?
    Definitely not my dogs after a bath.
    Okokok fresh laundry.
    4. favourite animal?
    5. favourite season?
    6. favourite tv show?
    Game of Thrones/True Blood/Newsroom/Modern Family
    7. favourite book?
    8. favourite song?
    Anything by RHCP ...

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