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  1. I'm new to this :P

    Heey central ppls :P i'm new to blogging i hope i have a good time here blogging
  2. Khaukab al Hawwa

    [CENTER]كوكب الهوا‎ = Star of the Wind

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  3. Mr.random's Random Blog

    by , 3-14-11 at 9:44:17 PM (Mr.random's Random Blog)
    This Blog is status updates!
    Hello fellow wizards of Wizard city I have finally decided to create my own Blog!
    I will post status Updates here and stuff so no need to look at my file page. I will post weekly unless otherwise It would be updated by 7:00 pm PST on Mondays/Sundays
    Shall we get started?

    March 14th 2011
    First day of my blog I am really excited. Last weekend was a big move for 2 of my wizards i will start with my General news.
    During the weekend ...

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  4. Alex Reaches Master!

    by , 3-14-11 at 9:25:26 PM (A Balanced Life)
    Hello all!

    Yesterday, I got Alex StormBlade, my storm wizard, to level 40! Here's a picture:


    Thank you Brandon LegendBright, my legendary balance wizard, for the clothes and wand. :)

    I've always loved Storm magic. Ever since my first Storm wizard, Alex Storm, that I made in the fall of '08, I have enjoyed storm's strong attack spells. The health ...
  5. New Blog Banner ~ Agony of Trying for 25 ~ 100 Blog Posts ~ Suggestions for Blogs

    Thanks to PaigePixiehunter for my new Blog Banner. It looks awesome.

    Next I hate trying to get a level up. Because the it annoys me about the EXP I get, etc... Side quests also involve a lot of mob battles. Me and mob battles don't mix Who doesn't like mob battles and who does?

    And also this will be my 100th Blog post. It's been really fun posting on here and I hope I get to do this for a long while. Thanks to everyone who looks at my blog and reads it and a thanks to ...