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  1. Excited

    by , 6-7-12 at 9:15:14 PM (Manga Talk With Dekaexadiko)
    Currently, I am very excited. Next school year I am trying out for guitar in the Jazz Band at our school. I am fairly confident in my skills, and think I most likely will get in. So excited!
  2. Subscription!

    I bought myself a two month one today C: hooray!

    happy questing!
    Wizzy related
  3. School's out, Summer's in!!! x3

    by , 6-7-12 at 3:51:42 PM (Cooltoy's Blog!)
    Yep, today was the last day of school for me. I'm gonna miss {some} of you guys. :'( Now, some bad problems with Summer... Mosquitos. >:P
  4. First Blog Entry

    by , 6-7-12 at 2:17:08 PM (The Time That's Worth Waiting For)
    June 6th 2012- 1:32 P.M. EST & counting

    Unlike Pirate101 Central's blog, I have 10 years on this. Well, only one more final exam tomorrow & I'm done with freshman year of high school! Anyways, on this day, everyone pretty much knows I've finished my "Wizard101 Tank" from Iron Industries
  5. I'm Back

    by , 6-7-12 at 1:01:21 PM (Excalibur's Blog of Wizardly Things)
    So I've been gone for about three weeks and I just wanted to say that I'm back. I didn't mean to leave the game or central or anything like that.... Let's just say that I took a trip to the village of no computer, no iPod, and no phone.
    So that's about all I have to say for today.

    EDIT: Oh I almost forgot to say a few things.
    1) I'm out of school! Yay! 2) Mark your calenders, Wizard101's Next Top Model Season 3's entry thread will be opened on July 2nd (or sometime around ...

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