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  1. Housing Ideas

    In the roughly 5.5 years of playing W101, I have had several ideas about what I think all wizards can benefit from (since I haven't seen any posted, and if they were, I missed them), so here are some that I have:

    - I am sure I ain't the only one that has had trouble finding that "one" Treasure Card that another wizard on your account has access to, but your current one doesn't.

    - ...
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  2. Withdraw From Hockey

    by , 7-10-14 at 12:43:07 AM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    So I got it to hockey. This wasn't the standard kind of oh I like it this is fun. No, this was the kind of like that made me stay up at night watching the game and being extremly thrilled or upset the next day. Now its been about a month since off season and i NEED to watch it. I need a new game to watch.
  3. Duet - Glen Keane

    Everyone should watch this because this is beautiful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Article:Animating Dance: Glen Keane’s Duet is a True Masterpiece
    ...But here’s the thing: It’s entirely composed of graphite drawings—10,555 drawings, or 60 drawings per one second of animation, to be specific. That’s a lot of drawings....

    When you watch this and also know that this was made from graphite-traditional-drawings plus all that work, you should be mind blown.

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  4. Staying in Shape When Vacationing

    It is my fourth week vacationing in China now and as yummy and awesome the food is, I still am mindful about the foods that I eat and the exercise that I get. The first 2 weeks I actively looked for a place to run... For me at least, I feel out of whack if I don't get my daily run in.

    And yes, you can run on vacation!!!
    I found a nice park to run at, where it is safe enough and big enough to go to. Since it is vacation though, I'd suggest that most runs be for fun ...
  5. Art Advice #14 - Fabric Painting and Puffy Paint

    So I'm pumped whenever I can make art on useful things. Pretty it up and it's useful!

    I've been doing some fabric painting somewhat recently. We hadsome bottles of fabric paint in our house already because my grandma bought them when she babysat. So I already had a head start.

    Two fabric painting bottles she had were are on a brand called Tulip Puffy paint. So what is puffy paint? It's paint that puffs when you apply steam to it!