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  1. A Writer's Works

    by , 7-14-14 at 2:51:56 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Anyone is free to leave a comment on here. I'll go ahead and approve it.

    Here's all of what I'm doing for my works of writing:
    Over on Pirate101 Central, @Milt was kind enough to reopen Retribution. Though I can't continue it after the entire thing with the SPIRAL SHADOWS that I had, any comments on it are welcome over there, or on here in this blog post. I'll answer whatever question might be had to my best degree.

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    A Writer's Works
  2. Best conversation with a friend

    by , 7-13-14 at 11:26:08 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    People know me in real life. I was talking with a friend over $kype late one night, and decided to go and do this to a friend...

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  3. A Base Plan For Eating Healthy

    I find that food is one of the best and important things when thinking about your health. While yes, you can work out, go to the gym, etc., there will be a time when you are unable to exercise... Due to the lack of time, an injury, business, etc. If you don't eat well regularly and come across a time where you can't work out, there is some version of the feeling of... "What do I do now? I can't work out. I have nothing left to go on." Not true. You can still eat well and be "healthy" ...
  4. Max Stats Pets

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    Please forgive me about seeking an answer about my Lord of Winter pet, but I thought if anyone knew, it would be many people in here:

    I was focused on training WILL, and when he leveled to Teen, Icespear manifested. Good, bad, wait til adult, or try Uplift?

    Timothy Pearlflower, Exalted Ice
  5. winging it

    I decided to try a friend's pet method out and will show my progress on it. I think its fun to switch things up at times and I thought why not try Sophia's method. I always told her one time I wanted to try it. So this is the guide I am basing my work off of.

    GOAL: make a quint ice damage pet preferably on a ice bird.

    So from reading it, I used a unicorn ...

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