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  1. First Blog Post, Intro + Ramblings about Tatiana

    I first played W101 in summer 2009 as a free player. At the time I was really into Toontown so I never really stuck with Wizard (I was Vaan on TT and all of its forums if anyone knows me). In September of last year TT closed and I decided I wanted to find another game. I made a new W101 account some time in the fall and I've been here ever since!

    My highest wizard is Tatiana WillowWraith. She is a level 87 Necromancer questing in Tierra de Brea in Azteca. She has finished Wysteria ...
  2. sketchbooks

    hey lovelies. recently i've been packing for school and trying to decide which art supplies i want to take and what not. and after going through all the stuff i have one of them really stood out to me, which is my sketchbooks. i have several; from ones that are already filled to ones with specific purposes and whatever. and it had me thinking about how important it is to keep a sketchbook just as an artist in general but also as a creative person.
    so today's blog post is gonna just be me sharing ...
  3. Why I Love Running.

    Do you ever feel like there are just certain things that will make you feel better no matter how you are feeling? Something that is like your sanctuary, your safe haven, a place where you cannot be bothered.

    I feel like running is like that to me. Some days when I can't vent, or don't know how to feel or act about something, I just put on my shoes and head out for a run. It's as simple as that.

    There are mornings when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed... Unhappy for ...
  4. Pluffy like a pillow

    by , 8-7-14 at 2:01:44 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    The title is related to the rest I got last night. XD A partial follow-up to the late night thoughts post. I came back at around this time 24 hours ago, and, like, fell asleep as soon as I just sat down in my bed.

    Ironically, we talked about night terrors on the bus ride home between me, another junior, and a freshman. (High school Youth Group gone to Cedar Point) I couldn't take any photos sadly. Some photos were posted on Twitter by some of the others of the group, and I can only ...

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  5. Jumbled Thoughts

    I don't know how or where to start. I feel like sometimes in life you just meet people who get you instantly and whether that is in game or in real life, it does happen.

    There are some friends that you can literally just be washing the dishes with, jogging with, getting your haircut with, etc and you can always be having a good time. There are some people who you may not see or speak to in months because of timing and yet when you talk again it's like you never missed a beat. There ...