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  1. Boss Battles

    by , 1-27-15 at 3:02:03 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    Remember that feeling, defeating your first boss in Wizard101 and it felt like the most stressful battle in all of Wizard City. We've all shared this moment being players of this fascinating game. However the role reversal of boss battles did a complete 180. The reason being they became tedious. In certain worlds, the boss battles were the best part in that area. In others you'd rather just skip it all together and work on side quests or mini games or arena battles. The conquest for killing a boss ...
  2. good vibes ☮

    i've had the most stressful week ever.
    but it's also been one of the best weeks ever.
    and one of the busiest.
    i've had so much going on so apologies this is probably going to be a long post.
    last semester i lived on a dorm that was kind of like a mini apartment, we had a kitchen and living room and stuff. my roommate is fab but we weren't really feeling the whole dorm situation. so on monday they opened up room change requests and we submitted ours and then moved in to our ...
  3. New Year's Update

    Hey guys

    I've been meaning to make a post this month about the new year, and since it's a 4 day weekend for me, I thought I might as well with the little extra time I have.

    This month has been going pretty well for me. I went on vacation over Christmas Break, which was really fun. I got to ski for the first time, visit my relatives, live in an authentic ski lodge, and drink hot chocolate basically every day. It was pretty epic.

    2015 arriving wasn't as eventful ...
  4. level 10 death pvp experience

    i've been wanting to do some more wiz related posts cause i know the majority of my blog never really mentions it much.
    so i thought i would start with my latest, semi complete project.
    i recently came back to wiz at the end of november because of a good friend of mine. we started and leveled some chars to 50 for pvp. i wasn't really feelin mine so i was like hey i think i'm gonna make my next char a death.
    we both ended up making a death, and he suggested we level them to ten ...
  5. to a new semester

    i've been alone for the past two days and i don't like it.
    friday i drove the boring 2 and a half hours back to university and so far only three out of ten in our tiny apartment like dorm have come back, including myself.
    i was alone all friday evening till about three in the afternoon today, so i guess that's kinda cool.

    so far 2014 is going pretty good.
    i recently just finished my mom's book cover, which is exciting because sometimes i can procrastinate a lot when ...