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  1. The Greatest Adventure

    I have never written a blog before. But, I thought I would give it a try.
    We will see how this goes. What direction this will take, and how long this will last.
    I love wizard101. I love the adventure and excitement and challenge it is.
    It is a nice escape for me, but, it isn't everything. I have family and trials and challenges and adventures outside the game.

    Trying to think of how I wanted to start this, I realized that just how new this it to me.
    One song

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  2. Fishing Addiction

    by , 3-17-15 at 3:32:59 AM (Nyeh Squidward)
    Wow when was the last time I made a blog post, the ice age?

    Idk what happened man but like 2 weeks ago (?) I got super obsessed with fishing. It was virtually an overnight revelation it was WEIRD. I've abandoned pet training for the time being and I've almost completely forgotten about gardening.

    It's ridiculous tho. 2 weeks ago I had maybe a dozen different fish I caught. I thought fishing was kind of dumb and I was probably never going to get into it. Now I'm almost out ...

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  3. Pictures of some of the most beautiful houses I have seen on tours

    Nicholas ThunderHearts Wyrd house, Possibly the best I have seen. This had crafted items galore.
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    Cannot remember the person who did this, but I thought it was cool.
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    I cannot remember who did this. Really interesting Dark Fortress.
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    Many Jack O Lanterns.
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    Autumn Red Made this. I thought it looked ...

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    by , 2-12-15 at 2:30:30 AM (Maya's Home of Thoughts ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡))
    Hey Centralites,
    I haven't blogged in a while, but today I wanna share this amazing video that my good friend, Patrick FairyStalker, showed me. It resonated with me so strongly that I just had to post/blog about it.

    Here's the video - and don't worry, there are no inappropriate content (just emotional!)

    ...Take your time wiping your tears, guys!

    Anyway, I thought it was very cute and and very adorable

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  5. It's been a while...

    Hey guys, it's uh.... been a while? I'm not sure why I'm even writing this. No one looks at my profile, hardly even my blog at all.
    But anyway, I still play W101, not much, but I still do on occasion.
    And uh... I got Guild Wars 2 to work...
    I've also grown out of LoL, I don't play anymore. Even if I still like Veigar and Teemo.
    I want to change my username now, since I don't play anymore. But alas I don't have the forum gold.