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  1. Colors, So Many Yet So Little

    So I'm at a loss here. I usually flash my arena gear on my Ice wizard but the colors just look duller and duller everytime I get on. My current colors are:
    White w/ a Black trim

    I ask you, the bloggers of Central, to give me new colors. I'm not looking for colorblind colors (Brown on yellow... Yikes!), so be my guest and suggest!
  2. Slowly Grind - A Larger Wizard Update

    Mark Thundershard:

    Rose a Level during the Floating Land, currently questing there for Jungletooths / Jungleteeth. Now level 54, decided to train as far as I could in the Garg chain (don't know what spell it is called).

    Mark Soulshard:

    Finished the quest-helperless Tower of War and have to face one of the toughest bosses for a level 45: the lady with the Defender Pox! (I'll admit here, at first I put Small Pox, but then caught my mistake, oh History!) ...
  3. My Action Packed 72 Hours

    Hello Guys!
    I had an excellent weekend that involved partying, some PVP, a couple houses, an Idea, and a lot of time in front of the computer...
    For starters I had my 3rd Wizardversary party on Saturday. I had A LOT of fun even though I had less people than expected. We PVPed and found the hidden aclove in the Sun Palace (Thanks Sierra SBlade). I got A LOT of complements on my houses (Thanks guys :D). I had fun and got to goof off with some me and Brooke Rhino chasing ...
  4. Leaving

    Quote Originally Posted by Amphitrite View Post
    Well, I have a lot of things going on in life. I have like 5 projects going on at once and Central is kinda wasting the little time I have right now. I won't be on game much either. :/ I love Central and the game but it's not the best place for me to be right now. As of now I won't reply to VMs and only PMs if majorly important. Feel free to send them, I will get back to you.

    Time is running and so must I. This is not a total good bye. I'll probably be back during Spring Break when
  5. Nice job KI

    I'm like impressed on the way Zafaria was made because there ismoremoving things like the quest line there more moving animation in it and it makes questing a little less boringerr for me

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    Good times