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  1. Follow me on twitter? :D

    by , 5-15-12 at 5:06:00 PM (The tales of a gutsy ninja)
    I now have a twitter its TheMedicSoldier or ZoroRain
  2. This my last entire for today.

    Well I officially made a new account with a new character name rosalyn or some name like that. So in this new account will be a new series of characters with her name and that account would be the account witch i'm gonna make my main since I need to start over in w101.I made her a fire and she has blonde hair. I havent made a fire in a while only once but ever since I got that fire to warlord I never used that character again much. She currently a level 2 or 3 :P

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  3. More ranting of my school.

    Geez. My math teacher doesnt like me at all. I got a 89% on my test and I wanted to do a retake (I know I could do better and I need a good grade :P) and she got mad at me for asking when she told us we could do retakes but she didnt say you could only get up to a 70%.
    Bad times
  4. This erks me

    I think I made a blog post about this or I wanted to. But here it is.
    I hate my username for central so so so so so much. I cant wait to get it change when I have enough gold but it cost 800 form gold and thats allot of gold because it take me about 3 months to get 100 form gold to make. The XXXX in my name drives me so crazy. Probably when I finally get enough gold I'm gonna change my name to Rosey, or just ~Destiny (there is already a person with username destiny).

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  5. Meh hair

    MY hair is really annoying most of the time. It can be extremly itchy if I dont wash it everyday. I have thick oily hair type so I have to wash my hair or else it gets oily nasty and itchy. I cant concentrate with not taking a shower in school since I feel like a hat is in my head and its itchy and nasty and I cant take it off.